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MapInfo Pro v16.0 English Standard Edition

MapInfo Pro v16.0 English Standard Edition
Single seat license only.


Make informed business decisions by taking Location Intelligence to the next level! Create thematic, multi-layer maps and labels to visualize tabular data using the world's premier desktop GIS and mapping application.

With MapInfo Pro, you can see your business data in powerful new ways. Discover trends otherwise hidden in traditional spreadsheets and charts. Gain new understanding of your customers and markets. Perform powerful data analysis and calculations. Create custom maps and content for analysis. Use geographic insights to innovate business processes. Manage location-based assets, people and property. Optimize service and sales territories for greater efficiency. Deploy networks, infrastructure and utilities with confidence. Map resources, plan logistics and prepare for emergencies.

  • Save time and get more done quickly with the improved performance for object processing operations as a result of using multiple cores/CPUs.
  • Access more intelligence data than ever before with additional data format support.
  • Easy to learn user interfaces for the software novice or expert– the ribbons and galleries make it easy to find and use the functionality you need.
  • Support for multiple monitors will help improve productivity.

  • Single seat license; 64bit installation version.

    Make informed business decisions and understand your customers better by taking Location Intelligence to the next level!
    Sales coverage, revenue and growth projections, expansion planning, target marketing, strategic planning cost analysis and containment…no matter your industry or business size, this software will help you effectively analyze your customers geographically to help you make confident business decisions. MapInfo Pro v16.0 makes it easier than ever to print and share maps, provides improved performance and a host of other benefits.
    MapInfo Pro v16.0 English Standard Edition
    MapInfo Pro v16.0 English Standard Edition
    MapInfo Pro v16.0 English Standard Edition
    Access to the data you need
    MapInfo Pro provides access to the data you need to visualize and analyze. This includes common personal computer data file formats (including .XLS, .TXT and .CSV files), relational database systems such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostGIS, SQLite and the OGC GeoPackage data forma, spatial data formats including.DWG/DGN, GML, KML, a wide variety of imagery formats and more.
    Easy to learn, easy to use
    MapInfo Pro is renowned for its combination of power and ease of use. The design has many elements in common with popular office based windows applications. You can use what you already know to get started with MapInfo Pro. There is a wealth of available resources and support, along with an extensive user community.
    Powerful visualization and analysis
    MapInfo Pro provides a variety of ways to dig into your data, find trends, reveal patterns, draw conclusions and take actions. Methods include geocoding, thematic mapping, buffering, redistricting, geographic querying and more. If you need to build your own territories or other map data, extensive map creation tools are provided. No add-ons required, all of this is included.
    Share your results
    Once you’ve done the analysis and need to share the results you can use the integrated Layout Designer (a desktop publishing system for your maps), print to any size format, create images and generate interactive PDF files.


  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit SP1 with XenApp 6.0
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit SP1
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 64-bit with XenApp 7.5
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 64-bit


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2 (also called SQL Server Spatial)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (also called SQL Server Spatial
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (also called SQL Server Spatial
  • Oracle Spatial 11g R2
  • Oracle Spatial 11c R2
  • PostgreSQL 9.2.2 with PostGIS 2.0
  • PostgreSQL 9.4.2 with PostGIS 2.1
  • SQLite 3.8


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client v11
  • Microsoft Access ODBC
  • PostgreSQL Unicode ODBC driver 9.03.04
  • Oracle OCI Instant Client v12.
  • FDO Toolkit 3.8 (used by SQLite and installed with MI Pro)

  • Microsoft Access (*.MDB and *.ACCDB) data format is also supported, including Access 2016.


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