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Location Intelligence Software

Our industry-leading mapping and geographical analysis software can help you construct effective business cases, gain a better understanding of your market and market potential, mitigate business risk and much more.

  • MapInfo® Pro
    Understand your customers even better with streamlined geographic analysis

Location Intelligence Data

Harness the highest-quality geographic, geocoding and risk data available on the market today to get the most out of your location intelligence software.

  • Demographic Data
    Free national, state and US territory demographic data from the 2010 US Census; formatted for MapInfo ProfessionalĀ®
  • Geocoding Data
    The most up-to-date and accurate geocoding data for business planning; formatted for MapInfo ProfessionalĀ®
  • Industry-Specific Data
    No industry specific data bases available at this time. Please contact your PB sales representative for more information.

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