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MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)

MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)


Single seat 3-year term license with one year Subscription and Support contract

Harness the power of sophisticated mapping and geographical analysis software to make intelligent and productive business decisions.

Location adds complexity to many decisions, and mistakes are too expensive for a “trial and error” approach. With MapInfo Pro, customers can easily identify – and make better decisions on – people, places, and patterns of interest.

More and more people need to explore, model and act with confidence on…

  • Site selection
  • Asset management
  • Demand management
  • Risk management/ service resource allocation

  • MapInfo® Pro delivers:

    1) An all-in-one solution

    A full-featured desktop solution to prepare data for web mapping applications and create presentation quality maps in a familiar environment that combines data analysis, visual insights, and map publishing.

  • Data analysis
  • Visual insights
  • Map publishing

  • MapInfo® Marketplace

    Enhance your location analytics with the MapInfo® Marketplace. Bring analytics to life and solve your specific business needs with customized apps that are released and updated continuously.

    2) Team

    MapInfo® Pro supports the larger team of business experts, database experts, and developers who collaborate to deliver “self-serve” decision tools across the entire organization allowing location analysts to focus on special projects and creating templates for others to use.

    3) Community

    The MapInfo® community is your professional peer group of location analysts who can provide ideas, tips and tricks, and help guide the future development of MapInfo® Pro

    Location-based decisions: Explore, model and act with confidence.

    Make the move to MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 and join the MapInfo community. Together, we’ll take a new, exciting journey as we collaborate to improve the future of mapping analytics.

    This single-seat desktop term license will activate the software for a three year period. When the term expires, you must purchase a new term license to re-activate. Initial purchase includes a one year Subscription and Services package, which provides you with access to any maintenance and upgrade releases, knowledge-base articles, access to the Knowledge Community web to share ideas and best practices and access to a world-class technical support team. Support packages can be renewed annually as desired.

    Update your capabilities with our new, powerful tools.

    MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)
    MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)
    MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)
    MapInfo® Pro v2019.1 Standard Edition (3-Year Term License)
    Find, segment and update your data faster and easier with the new SQL Window:
    Users can build and save SQL statements and MapBasic scripts. This helps to increase productivity by building, running and reusing scripts.
    Enhance your location analytics with customized apps in the Marketplace:
    Customized apps are released and updated continuously to help you solve your specific business needs. Need imagery of a specific area? MapInfo Pro Drone is available. Looking for additional special purpose tools? We have an app for that, too.
    Make beautiful maps with map layout improvements
    Experience crisp new line and fill styles, vectorized legends, faster redraws, snapping and alignment, templates, multipage layouts.
    Turn your data into insights using the new heat mapping available within MapInfo Pro:
    Start with any file of people, places, or things and visualize the density of the locations as “hot spots” that help you make better decisions. For more power, upgrade to MapInfo® Pro Advanced and work with all kinds of raster data using the fast, highly compressed MRR format.
    Location-based decisions: explore, model and act with confidence


  • Windows 7 (64-bit SP1)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit only)
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit with XenApp 7.5)
  • Windows 2019 Server R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows 2019 Server R2 (64-bit with XenApp)


  • Common PC files
  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Access
  • DBF
  • CSV and delimited ASCII text files


  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • ODBC compliant databases
  • OGC GeoPackage (new in 16.0)


  • AutoCAD® DXF/DWG
  • SHP
  • DGN
  • GML
  • KML


  • Maps and imagery
  • WMTS (new in 16.0)
  • WMS
  • WFS (version 2.0 support added)
  • CSW
  • Aerial images
  • Satellite images
  • Scanned paper mapes
  • Microsoft® Bing maps