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TrendMap is a stand-alone desktop application that works with MapInfo Professional to create amazing "hotspot" maps that measure the density or aggregated value of underlying data. Originally designed to create trade area maps from customer location data, TrendMap uniquely reveals spatial patterns in point-based information.

The Challenge:

Understanding the geographic distribution of your customers provides a valuable mechanism for defining trade areas, understanding your target demographic profile, evaluating site suitability, quantifying trade area overlap, and delineating market opportunities.

The Problem:

Mapping customer locations using simple point displays or standard thematic maps based on census geography does not provide an accurate or realistic indication of the characteristics or extent of trade areas.

The Solution:

TrendMap allows you to:

·         map accurate trade areas from geocoded customer surveys or POS data based on customer density or revenue distribution

·         map trends with any type of geocoded point data

·         map customer density or revenue concentration

·         identify and quantify the effects of trade area overlap and cannibalization

·         accurately define demographic profiles of your customers

Using TrendMap's easy to use tab-based interface, you specify the radii within which your data are analyzed, optionally use distance decay functions and spatial filters to eliminate outliers, specify the number of intervals and interval ranges.  TrendMap comes with documentation and built-in help functions.

TrendMap works directly with your georeferenced customer data and imports MapInfo .TAB, .DBF, .XLS, .MDB, Lotus(wk*), .mdb, paradox(DB), FoxPro(DBF), .TXT, and ASCII format files.

TrendMap output format options include MapInfo .TAB and .MID/.MIF, ArcView .SHP, and Atlas .BNA format files.